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Break Me

10 August 2010 | Paul Rea

So you thought you could break me
And cast me away
You thought you could shake me
With the words that you say
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On the Ground Again

21 July 2010 | Paul Rea

On the ground again
My face bloodied
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My God

31 May 2010 | Paul Rea

My God
Why has thou forsaken me?
Cast me offshore
Into the treacherous sea
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Another Sin

31 May 2010 | Paul Rea

So I commit this lie
This life
Of sin
Of whim
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You Can’t Take From Me

15 March 2010 | Paul Rea

You cannot take
What I don’t own
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A Heart Gone Cold

6 March 2010 | Paul Rea

His is a heart gone cold
He gave with two hands
He greeted the sunrise with a smile
But you trammelled
You took
You tortured
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I Will Go On

21 February 2010 | Paul Rea

I stand alone
Shattered and broken
Cut to the bone
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