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In the Winter

24 July 2010 | Paul Rea

It was in the winter
That the feeling came
Like the northwest wind
I foraged on
Through the tundra
The barrens
The torturous
And endless

When the wolf howled
And the gales arrived
I marveled in its newness
Its freshness
Like a child
Riding a snowflake
I gazed
Into the empty sky

Marvelling not at its arrival
Its permanence
But its nature
Its dominance
Its victory
By the arrival of gold
A single beam
Riding on a dream
Of the Spring to come
Whispers of promises on the wind
Not yet undone
Of the Sun…
Of the Sun….

Her Dark Clouds

21 March 2010 | Paul Rea

She looms on the horizon
Like a storm cloud
Hovering over my spirit
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Autumn Skies

21 February 2010 | Paul Rea

Oh Autumn Skies
Embrace me in your leaf strewn forest floors
Clothe me with your canvas colours
Quench me with your dew-grass mornings
Hold me in your frosty hands

In the dying, an explosion of life
In the cold grey, an explosion of colour
In the fading day, a million rays of sunshine
That permeate my soul to the depths of my being
Reminding me that all things come to pass
That my summer
That my youth
Are fleeting too
Just like the leaves
That shine crimson red, yellow, and orange
If only for a moment
Only to fall and die
And scatter before me

Oh Autumn skies
Sing to me before I die
Cover me in a blaze of glory
Just like the leaves that have fallen

Before me