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Lost Along The Way

29 September 2010 | Paul Rea

My mind had no way of knowing
I was lost
Unaware of the way the tides were flowing
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11 September 2010 | Paul Rea

I need the warmth of your human
Breathe your life into me
Sing your song unto my soul
My sinew
Through my lips
My eyes
The door
And windows

I want to touch
Your hair
A flowing river
Your skin
A grassy meadow
I want to drink
Of its sweet dew
Its milk
Its honey
Its nectar

I want to part the waves
Of your mountains

Ruffle the fold of your feathers
Your dreams
Your sunshine
Your starry skies
Your silence

I want to live
In your sunbeam
Your moonlight
Kiss the sky and
Walk the clouds
In the Warmth
Of your human