About Paul

Many of you may wonder what prompted me to expose my poetry to the public by creating this website.

I recall having a keen interest in poetry from an early age. I was first published at the age of 11 in the local newspaper – a certain poem many of my oldest friends may recall having to do with “War”. Hopefully, I have progressed from the very rudimentary prose contained in that poem to something much more sophisticated and elegant. But, the lesson I learned from an early age is that ALL human beings are compelled to express themselves. Whether by way of simple pictographs scratched onto a cave wall up to and including Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, humans feel an overwhelming need to share their experience of the world. So in answer to the prospective question, I have published these poems because I feel I have something to say. Whether or not these poems will be appreciated by my readers was secondary in my determination to publish these materials. I can only hope that you will obtain from these works the same degree of satisfaction that sharing them has given me.

I have a large collection of poetry which I have decided to release on a piecemeal basis. Check back here every few days or so as I publish a new poem. In addition, the collection is frequently being augmented – in particular my Blackberry has been a wonderful tool by which I have recorded many a late night inspiration. The poem “Another Place Another Time” explains how the inspiration to pick up my pen and paper (at the time it was my Palm Treo) came to me late one night about two years ago. Since then I have been at the mercy of my inspiration and my Blackberry. Whether driving to work at 7:00 am or in the middle of the night, I feel compelled to record the poetry that seems to flow automatically as if I were receiving a “dictation”.

I intend to provide commentary about some of the more popular poems to give my audience some more understanding of what a particular poem means to me. This makes your comments and feedback essential and greatly appreciated. I also intend to occasionally provide links to the works of famous poets along with my commentary on the selected piece.

Welcome to my site.