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16 August 2010 | Paul Rea

In a sea of confusion
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In the Winter

24 July 2010 | Paul Rea

It was in the winter
That the feeling came
Like the northwest wind
I foraged on
Through the tundra
The barrens
The torturous
And endless

When the wolf howled
And the gales arrived
I marveled in its newness
Its freshness
Like a child
Riding a snowflake
I gazed
Into the empty sky

Marvelling not at its arrival
Its permanence
But its nature
Its dominance
Its victory
By the arrival of gold
A single beam
Riding on a dream
Of the Spring to come
Whispers of promises on the wind
Not yet undone
Of the Sun…
Of the Sun….

Glass Houses

7 July 2010 | Paul Rea

We all live in glass houses
In statues made of clay
By day we kneel
By night we prey
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What I Am

13 May 2010 | Paul Rea

Every moment in time
Leads me to right now
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Wars to be fought

24 April 2010 | Paul Rea

There are wars to be fought
And  battles to be won
The conflict in my mind rages
Like the rising sun
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Where To From Here?

27 March 2010 | Paul Rea

We stand at the abyss
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Come to Me As You Are

8 March 2010 | Paul Rea

Come to me as you are
Your wounds
Your bruises
Your scars
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Another Place Another Time

25 February 2010 | Paul Rea

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I Will Go On

21 February 2010 | Paul Rea

I stand alone
Shattered and broken
Cut to the bone
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So It’s Come To This

21 February 2010 | Paul Rea

So it’s come to this
My love
Hell below us
Heaven above
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