Her Dark Clouds

21 March 2010 | Paul Rea

She looms on the horizon
Like a storm cloud
Hovering over my spirit

Covering the sun
Hiding my blue skies
My hopes
My dreams

Subduing the bright dawn
The crisp morning air
The star lit sky

In her rage
A thousand stormy seas
Dark skies
Engulfing me

In her anger
A thousand tears
A thousand deaths
A thousand fears

Gone the gentle breezes
Her soothing touch
Her warm sunshine smile
Her soft caress

The winter of her heart
The iciness of her glare
All that is left
Of the fire that burned so hot
So long
So brightly

But when the storm subsides
The wind dies
Thus fade the roaring tides
She closes her eyes
And like the sun that re-appears
Her anger abides

The gentle breeze belies
The calm silence
The rays of crisp sunshine that shine from her eyes

The storm is over