To Ride is To Awaken

21 February 2010

To live is to sleep
To ride is to awaken…
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Welcome Dear Friends…

21 February 2010

Poetry is the perfect medium for the modern age.

In the days of email, instant messaging, and thousands of other means of communicating in virtually instantaneous fashion, poetry is well suited to conveying in just a few words a writer’s deepest thoughts and ideas. A few stanzas of well written poetry are as meaningful as a thousand pages of written text in other forms. Poetry is to literature what photography is to the visual arts – a snapshot of an instant in time; and perhaps a more intimate glimpse into the artist’s mind. With my poetry I have tried to paint a picture that speaks a thousand words with just a few brush strokes….

A word of caution: poetry often provides a direct glimpse into the very soul of the poet and I discourage any of my readers from “reading” (excuse the pun) too deeply into the meaning of any one of these works. Be forewarned that there is a fair amount of projecting going on in these poems – not all of them are based on my direct life experiences or the people in my life, many are based on the experiences of others. With this understanding I invite you to enjoy these works and I welcome your comments relating thereto.



PS: A very special thanks to my cousin Fabio Vettorello for putting together this awesome site in such a short time! I owe you big time cuz!

So Alone

18 February 2010

I’m so alone
Nobody home
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18 February 2010

War is a song
That should never be sung
War is a bell
That should never be rung
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The Dance

18 February 2010

We embrace
We undress
For the dance
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I Love You

18 February 2010

Your bitten lip anger
Your clenched fist stranger
Your angry eyed glare
Your stormy eyed stare
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